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"Blackjack Attack - Playing the Pros' Way"
author: Don Schlesinger
price: $15.96
Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive for thi book, with many readers claiming that it has become one of the most valuable and important blackjack books ever written.

Buy Super Casino"Super Casino - Inside the 'new' Las Vegas"
author: Pete Earley
price: $18.87
What's "new" about Vegas? Plenty. Just ask journalist Earley, who files a complete and compelling report on the transformation Las Vegas has undergone over the past decade or two.

"American Casino Guide"
authors: S. Bourie, Jeffrey Compton, Anthony Curtis, Bob Dancer
price: $11.96
The American Casino Guide lists more than 600 casinos in 33 states and comes complete with maps of all states showing where the casinos are located.

"Slot Play: Build Your Own Jackpot!"
author: Carlene Cole price: $9.95
Casinos pay back 90 to 97% of the coins people play in slot machines. Did You Get Your Share? Develop winning slot play strategies.

 "101 Casino Gambling Tips"
authors: J. Marchel, T. Laine Cunningham, B. Rodgers
price: $14.95
Affordable strategies, methods and techniques for maximizing profits and reducing losses at casinos. Here is the book that everyone needs before they go to the casinos.


"American MENSA Guide to Casino Gambling"
author: Andrew Brisman
price: $14.36
Walk away from every casino as a winner! Take it from American Mensa, the society for people with high IQs--you don't have to be a genius to triumph at the tables. Just make the right moves!

"The Casino Answer Book"
author: John Grochowski
price: $10.36
In casino gambling there's a house advantage built into every game. Grochowski shows you how to beat that advantage and increase your winning odds in blackjack, video poker, and roulette.

"Victory at Video Poker"
author: Frank Scoblete
price: $10.36
Scoblete knows and tells which machines offer the best odds and what strategies give you the biggest payouts on each. In some cases, the proper strategy will even tip the odds in your favor.

"Casino Gambling: A Winner's Guide"
author: Jerry L. Patterson
price: $11.16
Packed with new updated material on today's developments in casino gambling, this book covers blackjack, baccarat, roulette, poker and craps.

"Basic Blackjack "
authors: Stanford Wong
price: $11.96
This impressive text contains proper basic strategy for just about every rule variation and "bonus" that has ever been offered. It also tells you how to estimate the value of each of these variations.

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